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Under the hairdryer-like hood of Hair Professionals' Laser Tek 5000 are 50 laser diodes that cause a process known as photobiostimulation. This low level light energy rejuvenates weak hair follicles that are still active, and, over time, thin hair shafts thicken, soften, and return to a healthier state. After several months, visibly thicker hair is noticeable and the restoration becomes even more apparent after the first year.

This painless treatment is the major component of our three pronged attack on thinning hair in both men and women.

Low level laser therapy will not restore dead hair follicles, so the key to it being a viable option for you can only be determined with a microscopic investigation of your scalp. This takes place during a free consultation, and the availability of living follicles is something that you will (or won't) see with your own eyes.

The effectiveness of low level laser treatment for restoring thicker, healthier hair has been documented recently by several investigative news programs. A Dateline NBC feature that aired November 26, 2004 found that laser therapy was indeed effective in thickening hair. Several other studies have followed, and the treatment is finally being investigated seriously by the medical community.

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